From an old school to a restaurant

Scola is the old village school of Källnäsudd - Barösund; the new life of which began in 2014 as a restaurant of high standard in the Ingå archipelago. Refurbished with utmost respect and good taste, the historic 100-year-old school building will go on tempting a wide variety of people around the year, whether they be tourists, boaters and sailors, summer residents, or customers coming to weddings, parties and meetings, or just enjoying a sunny day at the terrace.

"Scola is kind of created for ourselves. For us it's a way of life, that we carry out with passion and to the fullest from our hearts. We do wish everybody a warm welcome to Scola, from nearby and far, regardless from where you are. Our aim is to provide our guests with a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, along with skillfully prepared, tasty and classy food from ingredients produced responsibly from the surrounding area. Do pay Scola a visit and you will experience the calm milieu of the different yearly seasons; enjoy the tastes of the archipelago, premium wines, and the untouched nature of Barösund."

A most sincere welcome to Scola from Linda, Petteri & the Sons