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The focus at Scola is on seasonal local food, ingredients of which are mainly acquired from local producers. In addition to the beautiful archipelago and the delicious menu, Scola offers a comprehensive wine list. Our staff is happy to tell you more about the daily courses we serve. Enjoy your meal!

Our kitchen closes 60 minutes prior to closing time.



- Order starters to share with your entire party 11 € / pcs -


Grandmother´s salad with malt crumble

Carrot hummus and marinated cucumber

Scola´s Skagen bread

Salmon ceviche and salmon roe

Charred ice cellar whitefish and smoked fish mayonnaise

Beef tartar, mustard and kale

Smoked pork neck and Waldorf salad

Malt bread and horseradish butter 6 €



Buckwheat porrige 24 €

Buckweat porridge, spring cabbage and false morel muschrooms


Whitefish 29 €

Fried whitefish, new potatoes and Beurre Blanc sauce


Duck 29 €

Duck from Wanhantuvan farm, spelt and garlic


Beef Tenderloin 32 €

Whole fired beef tenderloin, tomatoes and lovage



Scola´s Fish & Chips 25 € 

Buckweat batter coated and deep friend pike perch, remoulade sauce and deep fried potatoes


Scola´s Hamburger 21 €

Ground meat patty of  Thorsvik Hereford, Monterey Jack cheese, horseradish mayonnaise and French fries


Cheese 12 €

A selection of Finnish cheese with sea buckthorn-carrot jam


Strawberry 12 € 

Buttermilk pannacotta with oat crumble and strawberries


Paris-Brest 12 €

Paris-brest choux pasty with nutty praline and raspberry sorbet


Ice cream of the day 9 €


Scola´s Fish & Chips 12 €

Scola´s Hamburger 14 €

Whitefish 15 €



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